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Senior Darren Dreyfus sat in front of his laptop Sunday staring at an open Word document. He had an essay due for his International Advertising class at 5:00 PM that evening, and so far he had only written his name and the date.

"I remember racking my brain trying to think of my response to the prompt," Dreyfus recalled. "Then I realized that I could not even remember the last couple weeks of class. They've all blurred together at this point."

Later that day, Dreyfus would be diagnosed with senioritis, a dangerous condition in which upperclassmen lose all sense of urgency and motivation with their work. Experts says it comes right after the stage where seniors obnoxiously talk about how busy they are all the time.

"Darren has definitely been through that stage. He's talked about nothing but his capstone project for the last month. I'm not even sure what that is," said Eric Flabbernaught, Dreyfus' roommate. "I would have asked him, but I'm not sure I care enough to sit through an explanation of his."

Senioritis can take effect at any point during a the semester. Early signs of it include starting writing assignments and never finishing th

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