Nattie to teach criminology in the Fall

MUPD has announced that Nattie the police dog will be joining the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences’ faculty for the fall 2018 semester as a visiting professor in criminology.

Nattie’s numerous accomplishments in law enforcement have earned her widespread respect and admiration. She is credited with single-handedly solving dozens of cold cases, ensuring that criminals, delinquents, and wrongdoers are brought to justice. Nattie attributes her success to the inspiration she derives from other great crime-solving dogs, such as her personal hero, Scooby-Doo.

Students are clamoring to enroll in Nattie’s classes, hoping to learn about criminology and law studies from someone with real-world, first-paw experience. However, students who are seeking an easy A should look elsewhere. Nattie warns that her classes will be challenging and labor intensive. She expects her students to do more reading than normal, to apply the theory from readings during in-class discussions, and to accompany her on lots of walks.

Students who own cats are advised not to enroll in Nattie’s sections. It is currently unknown whether Nattie will seek tenure.

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