Student won't shut up about March Madness bracket

It’s only a few days into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and Marquette sophomore David Kim won’t shut up about his bracket picks.

In The Golden Seagull’s exclusive interview, Kim had the ESPN Tournament Challenge App open during the entire conversation to show us his selections and to prove he “wasn’t messing” with us about his upset predictions.

“Yesterday I had a 5-minute conversation with him, and he brought up the fact that he predicted the Loyola-Chicago upset over Miami no less than 6 times,” said Jenny Schmitt, who has Intro to Anthropology with Kim. “At one point he even handed me a printed out copy of his bracket.”

The sophomore’s eagerness, while admirable, is growing tiresome to those close to him.

“We love David, but we really try to avoid him this time of year,” said John Leppert, a member of Kim’s friend group. “It’s the same thing year after year, and we’re tired of it, so we just tell him we’ve given up watching college basketball for lent.”

An anonymous source close to Kim revealed that even Rebecca Kim, David’s mother, screens his calls around March, just to avoid hearing about his March Madness takeaways.

“I’m just glad he’s out of the house and at Marquette so I don’t have to hear what seed beat what seed, and how close he was to calling it,” said the older Kim. “That boy needs a girlfriend, and bad.”

His fellow residents in Straz Hall are likewise suffering from Kim’s enthusiasm.

“I was behind him in line at the dining hall, talking about how I predicted the Marshall win over Wichita State, and before I knew it, he was reciting every upset he’s called since 2014,” said Victoria Jesperson, a fellow sophomore.

Despite not predicting the historic UMBC win over Virginia, Kim claims he “definitely thought about it.”

“This year I’ve made 7 Men’s Tournament brackets, 4 Women’s Tournament brackets, 3 Men’s NIT brackets, and 2 women’s NIT brackets,” said Kim. “I’ve put in hours of research, there’s no possible scenario that I haven’t thought of… well, except that Virginia loss,” said Kim.

At press time, an inside source revealed that David was dead last in his bracket pool, trailing even the guy who picked winning teams based on furthest distance from where his exes go to school.

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