Sophomore slump starting to look like a four-year ordeal

The seemingly yearlong academic and social decline commonly referred to as the “sophomore slump” is starting to look more like four-year commitment for Marquette junior James Clarkton. The astute observation comes two months before the end of Clarkton’s junior year.

“I came into my sophomore year determined to beat the odds,” Clarkton said. “I wasn’t going to let the sophomore year slump come in and ruin all my progress freshman year. But then I noticed this year is sort of feeling like last year, which felt like the year before. Maybe I came into college already in the slump.”

Clarkton appears optimistic about the whole situation.

“I see this as an opportunity to show off my consistency. Sure, I’m just ‘getting by’ in my classes, but on the other hand, I’m actually getting by in my classes.”

We caught up with Clarkton’s academic advisor to gain an outside perspective on his collegiate performance thus far. “He’s giving it the old college try, but that’s all it is, really. And a subpar effort at best.”

After Clarkton revisited his cart on Checkmarq, he found all five of the classes bound for his “all-star schedule” have been filled. “It’s all part of the plan,” Clarkton says. “I’m ready to show my peers that this ‘slump’ is by design.”

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