Marquette student not being the difference

Sources have reported that Peter Hutcherson, a junior in the College of Business Administration, does not live up to any of Marquette University’s expectations for its students.

According to sources close to Hutcherson, the 21-year-old completely fails to embody any of Marquette’s core values of excellence, faith, leadership, and service.

The Golden Seagull interviewed Hutcherson’s roommate, John Wilson, who is quoted as saying, “Excellence? Peter? No. His GPA is 2.9. I mean, it’s not the worst, but it’s definitely not excellent.”

As for faith, Wilson describes Hutcherson as a “Creaster” who appears to have no noteworthy relationship with God. “Although, I have seen him get on his knees and pray before a final he didn’t study for,” Wilson says.

In terms of leadership, Hutcherson once attempted to lead a conga line at a party, but quickly abandoned the initiative when it failed to gain traction. He has not stepped up to any leadership roles since. Hutcherson describes himself as “a laid-back type” who prefers to “let others take charge.”

“I once had a group project with Peter,” says Sarah Jenkins, a sophomore Communications major. “He didn’t do any of the PowerPoint slides he was supposed to do. I tried to text him the night before our presentation, but he didn’t reply. We ended up getting a C, but I know we would have got an A if he’d just done his part.”

In service, too, Hutcherson falls short. The only community service that Hutcherson has done was when he volunteered at a soup kitchen in order to fulfill his high school’s requirement to graduate. According to his peers, he spent most of the two mandatory hours of service in the bathroom, sexting his girlfriend.

Marquette University adopted the tagline “Be the Difference” in 2002. It serves as an inspirational summary of Marquette’s mission: to create leaders who make important contributions to their communities. Hutcherson, however, has little interest in community, stating that he is “just here for a degree.”

“Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t say Peter is ‘being the difference’, exactly,” says Wilson. “He likes Netflix and beer. He’s from a suburb of Chicago. I mean, there’s just nothing that different about him.”

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