Cramer Hall named Milwaukee's #1 escape room

Marquette's own Cramer Hall made headlines Monday morning when it snatched the #1 ranking of Milwaukee's top escape rooms. This is the third consecutive year the award has gone to Cramer, the home of the Speech Pathology department and at least 17 lost freshmen.

"I used to send my students to Cramer to participate in studies," said psychology professor Dr. Jordan B. Michael. "But after seeing the psychological trauma they would get from trying to navigate the building, we had to have them fill out release forms before even going in."

In addition to assisting Dr. Michael with his anxiety research, the halls of Cramer have been an exciting challenge for people of all ages. Glenn Schwimmer takes work groups into Cramer for team building exercises.

"There is nothing that brings a team closer together than high stake challenges," Schwimmer said. "When I have groups that are too advanced for the ropes course, I take them into Cramer and tell them to escape before sun down. They never do."

Although the building is hugely popular for psychological test and business retreats, it is still the beloved home many Marquette students, some of whom still think they can leave.

"I only came in here for my COMM 1100 lecture," freshman Paul Thomas said. "I think I took a wrong turn and ended up in Schroeder Complex. What the hell is Schroeder Complex?!"

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