Student begins to think they've been living in the wrong Straz

Alundra Blayze, a freshman in the college of engineering, has begun to worry that she has been living in the wrong Straz. “On move-in day, I figured that Straz Tower and Straz Hall were the same, so my parents dropped me off at Straz Hall and went to Aruba.” Blayze said. “I heard that mattresses in college were uncomfortable, so I figured that everyone else was sleeping on staircases as well.”

Blayze said that she was at first confused when no one else was moving in, but she figured that the honors college was selective. When she went to the square dance and met her future husband, a fellow freshman in the college of engineering named Chad Gable, he also expressed confusion.

“Yeah, I live in Straz, but I still haven’t seen Alundra anywhere,” Gable said. He says that they haven’t spoken since the square dance, but they are going to get married, as are the rules of the square dance. “We have a wedding date picked out.”

Blayze said that she has seen her RA and had conversations with her at Straz Hall, but further investigation revealed that Blayze had actually been talking to the ghost of a nun who died in 1955.

“It’s fun to mess around with freshman,” the ghost said. “Sure, it may be mean, but it helps pass the eternity of time that I have here.”

Blayze appeared to remain confused on whether or not she was living in the correct Straz. “I still think that I moved into the right building, but I’ve been hearing rumors that maybe Straz tower is where I’m supposed to be living,” Blayze said. “I guess I could ask those kids who wake me up in the morning on the way to their classes.”

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