Catholic students prepare for Ash Ketchum Wednesday

“Gotta catch ‘em all!” was the catchphrase of Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum, and this Wednesday is his annual celebration, Ash Ketchum Wednesday. Students all over campus will be wearing the likeness of Ketchum on their foreheads as a sign of respect.

“I think that it’s really important to show our love and devotion for Ash,” said Jeff Harvey, president of the Pokemon Master club at Marquette. “We need to show just how reverent we are of Ash, and this is the best way that we know how to.”

This tradition, of course, started in the year 0, when Ash Ketchum sacrificed himself for his Pikachu and stepped in front of Gary’s charging Taurus. “It’s important to remember what this day is truly about,” Harvey said.

Ash Ketchum Wednesday is the beginning of the 40 day period known as L-Entei, where people traditionally give up Pokemon battling. However, other things are also given up. “I’ll be giving up eggs,” freshman Alberto del Rio said. “I love eggs. But for this, I’ll give up eggs.”

Junior Stan Hansen said that it would be difficult for him to give up battling Pokemon. “It’s something that I do every day. I do it with my friends, I do it alone, I do it all the time. Every year, this is the hardest part,” Hansen said.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, two students who don’t believe in Ash Ketchum, said that they found the whole day a little weird. “I mean, people walking around with the picture of Ash Ketchum on their heads, wearing those hats and those jackets?” Hall and Nash said, in unison. “It’s all a little weird. Whatever floats their boats, but it’s still weird.”

If you feel like participating in Ash Ketchum Wednesday, there will be Nurse Joy’s on every corner ready to cover your forehead with Ash.

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