Sodexo to replace all cereal dispensers with encased meat dispensers

On Wednesday, Sodexo announced that instead of cereal being served at dining halls, raw, encased meat will be served. “We think that this is not only in the best interest of the students, but the greater area as well.” Fergal Devitt, head of Sodexo at Marquette, said.

The change is only one of the few that Sodexo announced. The other changes include removing all the chairs in McCormick and replacing them with one legged stools, turning the diner at Mashuda into a drive-thru that will exclusively serve cars, and painting all the food at Schroeder grey in order to match the color of the walls.

“We truly believe that these changes will create a better Marquette dining experience,” said Sasha Banks, head of innovation for Sodexo at Marquette,” I, for one, can’t wait to pull down on that lever and watch the stream of raw, uncooked encased meat flow out.”

Derrick Bateman, head of the Encased Meat club at Marquette, said “I am very excited for these changes. For years, we in the club have been petitioning Sodexo for raw, encased meat instead of cereal, and thankfully, now we have it.”

The Encased Meat club, which is the longest standing club at Marquette, dating back to 1919, has 12 members, all of whom said they could not wait to get their raw, uncooked hot dogs from the dining halls.

“What I don’t understand is that people can get cooked meat from the dining halls really easily,” said Alundra Blayze, sophomore and dirty, dirty vegetarian. “Like, they can just order a hot dog if they really want encased meat.”

“We felt that offering raw encased meat would allow for students to explore what they really want in a meal," Devitt asked. Do they want safety with their food? Or do they want the adventure that comes with the possibility of food poisoning from raw, encased meat?”

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