Erb’s & Gerb’s sandwiches not as good as ones study abroad students found in Barcelona

A recent study from the Golden Seagull revealed a shocking finding: sandwiches from the Alumni Memorial Union’s very own Erbert’s & Gerbert’s are 72% worse than the sandwiches found by Marquette study abroad students throughout the city of Barcelona.

The researchers examined a few different variables, which included taste, presentation, service, and location. Barcelonan sandwiches outranked those from Erb’s & Gerb’s in each of these categories.

The results received mixed reviews. Some students, like junior Anna Marksen, praised the Golden Seagull for finally conducting this research.

“It’s about time,” Marksen gushed. “My friends claim to believe me when I say Marquette’s food is incomparable to the food in Barcelona, but I think they just say that to get me to shut up about studying abroad.”

Marksen’s relief didn’t end there. “Not only do my friends now have to admit that I know way more about food than them, but they have to stop making fun of me for saying ‘sandwich’ like the Barcelonan locals would. It’s pronounced ‘thandwich’, not ‘sandwich.’”

Senior Katie Reinhardt is one student who wishes the study had not been published. “I can’t tell you how many times one of my friends has undermined me when I rave about any kind of food by saying it’s not as good as what I could find in Barcelona,” Reinhardt complained. “Thanks to this report, I’ll never be able to eat a sandwich in peace again.”

Despite these varying comments, the Golden Seagull remains committed to its journalistic values and will continue to provide honest news to all, no matter how “unthettling.”

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