Student takes out FAFSA loan to afford Papa John’s price increase

MILWAUKEE - Papa John's Wells Street location recently increased the price of its Tuesday pizza sale from $5 to $6. The change has forced many students, such as sophomore Erik Morrison, to take out FAFSA loans.

"I don't know how they expect me to go to Marquette if they keep raising the price of pizza," Morrison said. "If this trend continues, college will become less and less affordable."

The "one-two punch" of Marquette's tuition increase and Papa John's pizza increase has left many students financially uncertain about the coming year.

"They are increasing the fees that are necessary for pursuing higher education, and neither President Lovell or Papa John himself have addressed it," Morrison said.

According to an analysis from College Factual, Marquette University has increased its tuition cost by around $10,000 since 2011. It is projected to be as high as $46,178 by 2021. According to a photoshopped picture from the Golden Seagull, the same could happen to Papa John's too.

In a statement from Papa John's, the pizza chain said it will increase its faculty salary pool in order to acquire “world-class faculty.” The questions then becomes, will this move hurt business in the long run?

"Probs not, honesty," Morrison admitted. "I kinda want to boycott the change, but then I would have to start cooking on Tuesday nights. It makes more sense to just take out a loan."

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