Hot Deal: Sweeney’s Books offering free slap in the face for used books

MILWAUKEE – Marquette students lined up for “the deal of a lifetime.” Sweeney’s Books announced that it would buy used textbooks for a free slap in the face.

“After dropping about $200 on my bio textbooks and online codes, I thought ‘this can’t be worth it,’” sophomore Simon Paul said. “I feel much now that I know Sweeney’s will take the books back from me and I get slapped in the face. What a deal!”

Both Sweeney’s and Book Marq have offered students incentives to return their used books before. Past efforts have included buying them back for 3% of the original price and trading them paper clips and pocket lint, but Sweeney’s manager Bobby Nelson thinks that they found what students really want.

“We used to think it was enough to give $3 to students for their $150 books,” Nelson said. “But that was not attracting students anymore. We thought it would be simpler to just slap them in the face for their books. Turns out that’s exactly what students need during finals week!”

It is turning out to be Sweeney’s most popular sale ever. Students can go in to get their face slapped today, but it is only for a limited time.

“Remember, you won’t find a better deal at the bookstore,” Nelson said. “So you don’t have any choice!”

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