Student secretly living in dining hall receives eviction notice

MCCORMICK - After secretly living in McCormick dining hall for the last three months, senior Jacob Nut received an eviction notice from the Sodexo staff.

"This is not fair, I got a meal swipe from an underclassman fair and square," an indignant Nut said as he stuff his pockets with apples on his way out of the dining hall. "Since they made this place open 24 hours a day, I don't see what the problem is."

Nut had been living in the dining hall since September when sophomore Sara Banks guest swiped him in. He had been successfully keeping a low profile all semester be hanging out in the corner areas and sleeping under the tables.

"Continuing my life from inside McCormick wasn't that hard, honestly," Nut said. "I found someone to sublet my apartment and I have been having from friends sign me into class everyday."

Nut's covert operation came to a sorry end Sunday night when he was discovered by Sodexo worker Gary Schleem. Schleen reported Nut to the dining hall manager, which led to his eviction.

"I thought something was up when I noticed a reporter sniffing around here a couple months back," Schleem said. "That was when I decided to launch an investigation of my own."

At press time, Nut stated that he had no regrets, and he would absolutely do it again if he can score a guest swipe next semester.

"Honestly, the money I saved on groceries, rent and utilities made it all worth it," Nut said. "I wasn't really able to shower, but that wasn't a big thing for me before anyway."

Photos by Jaila Coleman and Ian Schrank

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