Sophomore buys fake I.D. to receive free birthday burger at Sobelman’s

Last Thursday, sophomore and self-acclaimed foodie Jim Bardwell successfully accomplished what he calls an “ingenious plan.” He purchased a fake I.D. with the sole purpose of using it to receive a free birthday burger at the Marquette hotspot, Sobelman’s.

Bardwell, a regular at the popular restaurant and bar, explained the origin of his idea in between bites. “My buddies and I didn’t know about this deal until just this year. My birthday isn’t until March, but I knew I couldn’t wait until then to get in on this.”

Jim revealed that he used ID GOD, a website that creates fake I.D.s for its customers. According to Bardwell, he was in such a haste to complete his order that he didn’t even select a birth year that proved he was over 21 years old. “Honestly, I don’t even care,” he admitted. “My only regret is that I missed out on free burgers last year.”

However, not all of Jim’s friends see the merit in his purchase.

Josh Farwell, who was reportedly dragged along by Bardwell after their shared accounting class, chimed in as his friend munched on his “birthday” treat. “I don’t get it. Just pay the ten bucks for your meal, dude,” Farwell exhaled, rolling his eyes at Jim.

Despite the criticism, Bardwell persisted. “I don’t see why more people aren’t doing this,” he said, while wiping the grease on his jeans. “Why wait to get a free burger on your actual birthday when you can cheat the system by using a fake?”

Jim smiles after seeing his discounted check, blissfully unaware of the ground beef stuck between his two front teeth. “Works like a charm.”

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