Golden Seagull accepts Nattie’s Challenge

We here at the Golden Seagull are hereby accepting Nattie’s request to “work this out in the ring.” Not only do we accept the challenge, but we look forward to the match. After publication of an article claiming that Nattie, the MUPD Police Dog, has an overall rating that she does not deserve, she immediately jumped to fisticuffs.

To say that we were surprised by the quickness of the challenge would be an understatement. Of course, the staff of the Golden Seagull love a good rumble, but usually those rumbles come after sufficient build up. However, with this, there was no such build up. No conversations, no clapping back and forth, nothing. One simple article, a fight request.

In accepting the challenge, the Golden Seagull assumes that we are to name the time and place for this match. Here is our offer: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. We’re always ready to rumble.

Some people have been claiming that this fight will be unfair. “Ooohhh no, she’s just a dog and there’s like a dozen of you guys!” Yeah, well when a dog bites a human in a fight, it’s fair game, but when a human bites a dog, suddenly it’s “animal cruelty.” Our numbers advantage is evened out by Nattie’s ability to bite.

Watch out Nattie. You may be the one who laid down the gauntlet, but the Golden Seagull will be the ones to pick up the gauntlet and fly away. Get it? Because it’s a seagull? Never mind.

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