Study finds student's apartment contains more pizza boxes than furniture

A new study from the Marquette University Law School revealed that the apartment of junior Andy Bauman contains more Papa John's pizza boxes than furniture.

"I promised myself that I wouldn't fall into getting Papa John's every Tuesday," Bauman admitted. "But when you are low on money and food and motivation, it's just so easy."

Bauman moved into his current apartment in late August, and he has a bought a total of two chairs so far. The collective square footage of the chair was quickly surpassed by that of the pizza boxes that Bauman has yet to throw away.

"It's really an aesthetic choice. It may look like the mess of a kid who can't get his life in order, but it's just lo-fi," Bauman said. "It's like how half-finished buildings are actually trendy and industrial."

In addition to pizza consumption, the study also found a dramatic increase in time spent drinking Hamm's and binging old episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

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