Sendik's now charging 10 dollars for 12-pack of carrots

In a move that has rankled many of its college-age customers, Sendik’s grocery store has announced that it is increasing the price of its baby carrot snack pack to 10 dollars.

“We’ve always said that the customer would be willing to pay for fresh ingredients, and this is no exception,” said branch manager Shelly Cole. “If this means that our customers have to go a little while without paying rent, that’s a trade-off they’ll be happy to make.”

Ever since Sendik’s arrived on Marquette’s campus at the start of the year, it has attempted to cater to students in unique ways, challenging conventional wisdom by charging them more for everything from cereal to produce.

Cole defended the strategy in an interview with the Seagull. “What you have to account for is our Fruit Loops are a gluten-free, farm-to-table cereal experience,” Cole said. “Of course it’s going to cost as much as your textbooks for a class.”

College students often disagree. Matthew Bueser, a junior in the College of Business, went to Sendik’s to buy some milk and was outraged at the $12.99 price tag.

“Unless this milk can get me drunk, I’m not spending that much money on it,” Bueser said.

Sendiks’s plans to respond to complaints by rolling out lower-cost options, including a six-pack of carrots that costs $5.49.

“We hope that this reduction distracts those with cars from the fact that Pick N’ Save exists,” Cole said.

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