Students greatly relieved to hear that crime victim was not affiliated with Marquette

A brief spate of panic swept over campus last weekend when a shooting was reported at 22nd and W. Wisconsin Ave, only a block away from Mashuda Hall. However, the panic quickly subsided when reports surfaced that the victim was not a part of Marquette.

“I feel so much safer knowing that it wasn’t a university student,” senior Mike Pascek said. “Before I heard that, I feared for my life every time I went west of 20th street after sundown, but now I think I’ll go there tonight.”

Ever since the year started, there has been a rash of unfortunate things happening to people not affiliated with Marquette University. A non-Marquette person was the victim of an armed robbery on Oct. 16 and a different non-Marquette person died in early September on 14th and Wells.

Such incidents have served to remind students how lucky they are that they go to Marquette, which is completely separate from the city of Milwaukee.

“Everything that goes on in the area around Marquette or even on campus itself really doesn’t concern us if someone associated with the university isn’t involved,” fellow senior Jan Larkin said. “As much as I love Milwaukee, it’s great to be able to ignore its problems whenever I feel like it.”

MUPD has repeatedly reminded Marquette students not to travel off campus with anybody who does not go here, as the odds of something happening skyrocket.

“As long as our students only hang out with their fellow students, the chances of them being in a campus safety alert go way down,” officer Luke Walsh said.

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