On second thought, student does not have nerve to wear costume to class

"Nope... Not this year," Junior Clark Kelly said with a sigh. He once again came to the decision that he did not have the nerve to wear a costume to class on Halloween.

"I just... I don't know. What if I'm the only one in costume?" Kelly said as he removed his Iron Man mask with shame. He was sure the costume would be a big hit in his Marketing Research lecture, but he could not take the thought of all the strange looks he was sure to get in his Theory of Ethics class.

"I had such a perfect plan too," Kelly said. "We were gonna get assigned groups for our final projects today. At the end of class when we are setting up the GroupMe, I was gonna say that we could iron out the details later."

According to a study from Marquette University Law School, 67% of student do not think it's weird to dress up on Halloween or do not even care. 23% of student dress up themselves, but statistically, these students have more balls than Clark Kelly.

"Maybe I just need to pick a better costume," Kelly finally said, looking through his closet for ideas. "I bet no one has ever thought of dressing as a Cubs fan."

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