RHA unveils new FastPass system to reduce wait times

Recently, Marquette decided to swap out the card-swiping devices in all of the residents halls in exchange for the new touch-pad system, enabling the DRs to check in residents in a “quick and more efficient manner."

In order to shield the reality that many of the touch-pads are not quite as effective as intended, RHA announced their new plans to install a FastPass system, making the checking-in process “a little bit more exciting."

The FastPass system, inspired by Walt Disney World, will consist of students wearing wristbands that will supposedly smoothen the process of checking into their residence halls.

“Why can we just save our money and go back to the card-swipes,” said Humphrey DR Joe Johnson. “Like, none of our touchpads work. It’s ridiculous.”

In regards to the recent hurtful comments that freshmen have received about wearing their IDs on lanyards, the University has decided to offer customizable fast pass brackets for those students who want to look a little extra stupid.

In addition to the traditional gold and blue wristbands, the Marquette shop will also be offering Wojo, Golden Eagle, Brew Coffee mug and the new 'Homeless man' decals to those trendy students who really want to stand out in the crowd.

The FastPass systems will be installed into the residence halls over Thanksgiving break, and RHA is currently requesting for the funding of additional FastPass stations specifically for the elevators.

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