OP-ED: Marquette snowflakes need to pet dogs to get through exams? Back in my day we didn’t even hav

Can you believe this?

Pathetic. Has our youth become this fragile? This image makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

Some people might tell you that this is the university putting on a cute event to boost moral on campus going into midterms. I say it’s a bunch of spoiled babies who can’t handle the “stress” of college.

Yep, definitely that second thing I said.

You’re not going to find dogs in the real world, sissies. Do you know how us adults deal with stress? We start fights with college kids in Facebook comment threads.

You know who didn’t need a therapy dog? Ronald Reagan. We didn’t even have dogs back then. This is just evidence that the demise of America is in full force.

If these poor babies can’t grow up and keep problems to themselves, we are going to hear more and more about their “feelings” and “mental health and wellness.” Then it’s a slippery slope until conversations about mental health are normalized and there is no longer any stigma toward mental illness. God help us if that day ever comes.


Walter McMahon is an Op-Ed contributor and expert on millennial fragility. He writes for Dads Weekly and he just finished the new deck in the backyard. He has never hugged his son.

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