Student wakes up to find he's in Homecoming Bed Races

Sophomore Ken Jennings signed up for the pre-Marquette Madness bed races last week, but took a nap and was in danger of missing his appointed time. His roommates found a creative work-around: carry him on his bed to the race.

“It just seemed like what a good friend would do,” said Max Cohen, one of the friends that carried Jennings to the race.

Jennings didn’t wake up from his nap until he was whizzing down N. 12th St on a mattress that had been in his Schroeder Hall room just a half hour before. He almost fell off the bed as he leaned over to where he thought his alarm would be to hit the snooze button.

“I almost fatally wounded myself in the process of waking up,” Jennings said. “It was almost worse than my eight a.m. Monday class on the top floor of Straz.”

While Jennings’ friends thought the prank was hilarious, the hundreds of students assembled on N. 12th St were respectfully silent during Jennings’ run, offering only a polite golf clap when his mattress crossed the finish line first.

“It would’ve been rude to wake him up,” said spectator Lily Shin. “Dude needs all of his energy for the Kilbourn Crawl later tonight.”

Jennings, who had four exams this past week, collapsed back on to the mattress after our interview. His friends, not wanting to get out of their spot in line for Madness, left him sleeping by the side of the Al McGuire Center.

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