Radiation-awareness club presents Glow Bingo for Homecoming

The Marquette Radiation-Awareness Club is hosting Glow Bingo Wednesday night in Central Mall for Homecoming week.

"People don't realize that disposal of radioactive waste is very problematic in this country," club president Adam Bomb said. "We are hoping this event brings more attention to the issue and our club."

The Radiation-Awareness Club has been around since 2011, but many students still do not know it exists. Bomb believes that the partnership with Homecoming will help raise the club's profile.

"We are also very excited about this article," Bomb said. "The Golden Seagull is the biggest, most-trusted news source on campus. Everyone reads all the articles, so I know this will be big for raising awareness."

Despite Bomb's hopes, The Golden Seagull found that 85% of readers only read the headlines of stories. The remaining 15% stop reading right about here.

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