Marquette to rent out McCormick rooms to alumni for "one last kegger"

The Office of Residence Life announced Wednesday that it intends to move current residents out of McCormick on Friday, Oct. 6 during Homecoming Week so McCormick alumni can rent their old rooms for the night. It is an event that ORL and senior programming staff are deeming “one last kegger.”

“It occurred to us that with all the events going on at Homecoming week, we should let all of our alums truly come home,” programming director Tracy Stanwick said. “Plus maybe if they get really wasted, it’ll be easier to get them to donate money.”

Alumni will be able to select their old room and move in for a single evening. Each floor will have a keg of Old Milwaukee beer in the common area. Alumni who pay more than a thousand dollars for the privilege will have a bottle of Burnett’s vodka hand-delivered to their rooms.

Before the alumni move in, current residents of McCormick Hall will be relocated to the Wild Commons pit for the weekend.

Support of the idea is already reportedly high in alumni circles. Steve Mickelson, a class of ’98 College of Engineering alum, said he’s looking forward to forgetting about his adult life for an evening.

“I miss the days when it was totally normal to get a 32-ounce bowl of Real Chili at 2:30 a.m. and spill half of it on yourself as you try to eat it,” Mickelson said. “Good times.”

Current plans call for the new dorm, Wild Commons, to be completed by the end of the year and McCormick to be torn down after the end of 2018’s spring semester. Several alumni have been vocal in their opposition to the move, saying that a sweaty, cramped, booze-laden experience in McCormick “is part of the Marquette experience.”

“I’m gonna get trashed on that weekend in honor of all the future freshmen that will never know what getting trashed in McCormick was like,” said Mickelson.

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