Marquette changes inspirational campus signage to ‘reflect the lingo of the youths’

On Wednesday night, University staff tore down the large, inspirational campus signage and replaced with a new collection of messages that attempt to “be more relatable to the youths on campus."

The new program, aimed at changing the jargon-filled signs to messages in the vernacular, are not just to respond to the cultural trends of current students but also the prospective students that come on tour.

President Lovell briefed the campus on the university’s intentions by saying that these changes will “convey messages for 21st century young adults” as well as raising Marquette’s credibility as “being hip with the young folks."

Jean Levi, Intern with the University Marketing Department, commented, “we have completely lost touch with people in my generation. Being ‘ambitious’ and ‘spirited’ doesn’t resonate with young people in the same way that ‘stacking paper’ and ‘grinding all damn day’ do. It’s simple modernization."

The new signs will all be quotes from Gucci Mane and RiFF RAFF, people that Lovell deems “American heroes”. Above Schroeder Hall, the new sign will say “if a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce”. On the 707 building, the updated quotation will read, “Never explain yourself to the haters because they don’t care they just want to gather info to use against you.” The University rounded the new campaign off with a sign simply stating “I’m icy, I’m icy. So icy, So icy” on Coughlin Hall.

In addition to this signage the University bought billboard space near Valley Fields that reads, “I will keep on hurdling and keep on hustling."

Baron Davis, a prospective freshman student, commented after his tour on Thursday morning, “I loved that Marquette has signage that speaks to my generation. I too feel icy on occasion and sometimes worry about getting lost in the sauce. This university definitely has a message that I can get behind."

In the wake of early positive feedback, President Lovell has declared that all University Newsletters will now be “heavily laden with emoji’s” and the University will change its official slogan from “Be the Difference” to “Get Your Clout Up."

“We are really excited about the changes coming to our campus outreach”, Lovell remarked. “Clout is a slang term for influence, and we feel that this update keeps the message of our original slogan with a fresher tone to it."

Sources have told this reporter that Lovell also had plans to change the name of Wild Commons to Atlanta Zoo, in honor of Gucci, but this was shut down by the rest of the administration. It will be interesting to see how this new program continues to develop.

Photos by Ian Schrank

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