Wisconsin Ave crosswalk sends text alerts whenever it says "Walk Sign is On"

MILWAUKEE - The city of Milwaukee installed a new crosswalk on the corner of 12th and Wisconsin. The new "Smart Walk" sends text alerts to residents every time it says "Walk Sing is On."

"Smart Walks are the way of the future," city planner Dana Miller said. "We actually installed them earlier this Summer, but no one received text alerts because there were no Freshmen to press the button yet."

Marquette students are already getting excited about the state-of-the-art cross walks and their new features. Sophomore Denny Goodwin loves the immediacy of the alerts.

"I will be sitting in class in Marquette Hall when I get the text alerts, and I will immediately leave to go cross the street," Goodwin said. "I love being able to cross the street on my own time, when I want to."

While some students welcome the "Smart Walks," other remain wary of the change."

"The texts seems a little invasive. What if I don't want to know if the walk sign is on?" Senior Valerie Rodriguez said. "Call me old fashioned, but I like the mystery of walking into the street with no regard for the rules of the road. Without jaywalking, kids today will never know the true Marquette experience."

The city of Milwaukee hopes to install more "Smart Walks" in the coming academic year. Eventually, students will be recieving text alert from crosswalks at every corner.

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