Professor still trying really hard to work Haggerty Museum into curriculum

Dr. Edward Kane, research chair in the department of biomedical sciences, took all 324 students in his organic chemistry class to the Haggerty Museum on Tuesday. People are still trying to figure out why.

“I swear there must have been some reason why I wasted an hour of my students’ time at the Haggerty,” Kane said. “Maybe I wanted them to stare at the art and try to come up with some kind of reflection about covalent bonds? No, no that’s too stupid.”

The class was equally confused. Linda Saberman saw the class trip on her syllabus for the first time over the summer. It is the second of four times she will go to the Haggerty this semester; her anthropology, American literature and statistics classes all insisted on trips as well.

“None of them really had much of a point,” Saberman said. “I spent the whole time on Snapchat, putting the dancing hot dog in front of all the paintings.”

Although Kane thinks his class appreciated the day off from learning things, he said he’s still struggling to think of a homework or classwork assignment. “I need to make it seem like the trip wasn’t completely irrelevant to what I’m teaching,” Kane said. “Wait, why did I even do this again?”

Two sources close to the situation told the Seagull that Kane is thinking of having his class write a 250-word reflective paragraph about the relationship between Marc Chagall’s artwork and the concept of mitochondrias.

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