Golden Seagull Exclusive: Get to Know Nattie!

Before this police pupper started smashing heads on the mean streets of Marquette, she spent most her time out of the limelight. We sat down with this heroine pup to find out what she’s up to these days. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Nattie.

American Citizenship?

Golden Seagull: There are rumors that you were born in Canada, do you occasionally rub elbows with Justin Trudeau?

Nattie: Before I swore an oath to protect the Milwaukee and its citizens, I had to show my birth certificate to become an officer. So obviously, I was born here.

GS: Okay, but where exactly?

N: I’m not at liberty to discuss items from my life I deem deeply personal.

Humble Beginnings: Enron

GS: So where was your first move after undergrad?

N: I’ve always been a numbers girl, so naturally I got my CPA by the time I was 22. I worked as an accountant for Enron for 6 years, and then, well, you know. I can’t talk anymore about it without my lawyer present.

On Pop Culture: Doesn’t get the Hype surrounding Game of Thrones

GS: The season finale of Game of Thrones was just last week, do you think Westeros stands a chance next season?

N: Look, I respect the people that watch it, but it’s just not my thing. If I wanted to watch pairs of siblings get their frisk on, there are more outlets than HBO.

Her Perfect Date

GS: There doesn’t seem to be a SO at the moment. So, are you more of a Tinder or Bumble girl?

N: Anyone can win my heart if they bring me bacon. Lots and lots and lots of bacon. God, I fucking love it.

Fetch: Tennis ball or Frisbee?

GS: We know you’re busy, but our readers are begging for this last question,

N: There’s no need for this 2-party system. No one should be held to this standard. I want every dog to know that there are different options, even if your voice is stifled by choosing a lesser choice. Such as fetching sticks or bringing a dead bird to your owner’s feet.

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