Every Freshman posts same photo of Joan of Arc chapel on Instagram

Incoming freshman Lisa Jefferson found herself severely disappointed on move-in day when she posted a picture of Joan of Arc Chapel on Instagram, only to find that all of her new classmates did it too.

“I got to the front of Joan of Arc to take the picture and there was a line stretching across the quad,” Jefferson said. “I guess I didn’t realize that it was the only photogenic spot on campus.”

Hundreds of students descended on Joan of Arc from 9 a.m. to sunset in order to get their first Instagram picture as a Marquette student. Some decided to get creative with their photo, squatting down to get a low angle or putting part of a flower in the frame. None of it changed the fact that they were pretty much taking the same picture.

Posting identical photos didn’t stop the new Marquette students from also posting identical captions. Ben Browder took a straight-on picture of the chapel, then captioned it, “Can’t wait to spend my next four years on such a beautiful campus.” Meanwhile, Jefferson captioned hers, “Can’t believe I get to spend my next four years at such a beautiful place” just five minutes earlier.

“On the bright side, maybe this could be conversation for when we’re at the square dance,” Browder said. “I’ll ask her what she posted on Insta (sic) and then she can ask me and then we’ll both look at each other awkwardly, say ‘cool’ and then probably never see one another again.”

Several stragglers attempted to diverge from the crowd, instead taking pictures of their dorm room or their family. Experts predict that those people will average roughly 50 fewer likes than their classmates. Social science professor Dan Jasper called these students’ fate a “tragedy.”

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