30% of students pick up smoking after Marquette anti-tobacco rule

After Marquette University announced that campus would officially become tobacco free on August 1, a study from the Golden Seagull found that 30% want to pick up smoking now.

"It just seems like a really easy way to rebel," edgy teen Josh Gribblesnarff said in between coughs. "I can get that badboy image without any of the risk! Because come on, Marquette clearly doesn't have a good way to enforce it."

"I was never bothered by the smoking on campus before this," junior Joan Belli said. "Smokers had to be 25 feet away from any academic building, and now they are just restricted to being on Wisconsin Avenue. The rule practically changes nothing. It's almost like MUSG only passed so it so they could feel good about themselves."

It is currently unclear what consequences there may be for the new student smokers who choose to not abide by the rule. Students caught may receive fines, or the university may utilize MUPD's shock collar technology.

The Golden Seagull will be following this story for further details. Watch our Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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