Judge rules in favor of Marquette, McAdams vows to continue screaming into the void

Nearly a year after its filing, a judge has ruled in favor of Marquette against a 2016 lawsuit filed by former professor John McAdams. The ruling was accompanied by the judge’s lawsuit decision, 33 pages of passive aggressive legal jargon. Contrary to popular belief, the lawsuit stems from Marquette’s decision to fire McAdams after he breached University code of conduct, not because of the gay stuff.

McAdams initial suspension came after he published personal information of a grad student on his blog criticizing her refusal to debate gay marriage in her Theory of Ethics class. After the incident, Marquette students and staff quickly defended and rallied around the graduate student who was facing death threats. Others jumped to McAdams defense such as the Westboro Baptist Church and Idaho resident Doug Schroburger, 45.

In a statement titled ‘A Call for Decency,’ President Lovell offered to reinstate McAdams if he apologized for his actions. McAdams refused, stating in his blog that the offer was, "reminiscent of the Inquisition, in which victims who 'confessed' they had been consorting with Satan and spreading heresy would be spared execution." You know, things people say.

Inspired by support from WarEagleJesusPatriot.com and Facebook users with monster truck profile pictures, McAdams filed a lawsuit against the university for violating his first amendment rights. It was only after the suit was filed that Marquette realized they’re mistake of hiring a Political Science professor who didn’t understand the constitution.

McAdams, an outspoken anti-homosexuality advocate, gained his reputation due to his avid blogging about homosexuality. McAdams reassures his three supports that he will continue his life’s mission of screaming into the void until his values are implemented, or he stops getting attention.

Update: According to an anonymous tip, no one has ever seen John McAdams and Steve Bannon in a room together.

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