New bouncer only lets people into campus bar if they can answer his riddle

Students lined up in front on Caffrey’s pub late Tuesday night. They were at the mercy of bouncer Tad Gibbons, who vowed not to let anyone into the bar unless they could solve his riddle.

“I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me,” Gibbons said with a smug grin across his face. “What am I?”

Swarms of students huddled together along 16th street discussing and debating possible answers. Some students, like senior Larry Bates, were less than thrilled about the mental challenge.

“This is total B.S., the whole reason I’m going out on a Tuesday night is to avoid homework,” Bates said. “I am 22 years old, I should be allowed to make poor decisions whenever I want.”

“This is so cool!” Freshman Alex Menkel said after hearing the commotion from his McCormick room. “My buddy said if you can solve the riddle, you get into the bar without being carded. I can’t wait to get in and brag about it to my friends!”

Gibbons informed the Golden Seagull that he still cards people.

Eventually, junior Kate Parowski emerged the victor proclaiming "shadow" as her final answer. From there, student after student guessed the answer and entered the bar.

"I was a little suspicious that everyone suddenly got it right after that girl did," Gibbons said. "But I know better than to think they these kids cheated. After all, they took the Academic Integrity Tutorial."

Gibbons said that he is already working on next week's riddle, and Murphy's Irish Pub will make efforts to better advertise its "no-riddles" policy.

Photo by Ian Schrank

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