Sophomore participating in Hunger Clean-up definitely getting into heaven now

When his RA posted a sign-up sheet for Hunger Clean-Up on the 9th floor bulletin board, sophomore Kyle Fullerton knew he was being called. This was it, his vocation, his duty, the one experience we would write about in seven different essays and the have under the service section of his resume, forever.

When the day of action came, Kyle woke up two house earlier than he usually would have on a Saturday, but channeling the selflessness of Dorothy Day, or whatever her name was, he only complained four times.

Walking out to the AMU, wearing his most modest garb and subtly judging the students not participating, Kyle met with his team, ready to embark into the unknown, ready to adventure just south of campus.

After a long 4 hour day of picking up trash with provided food and transportation, Kyle was a new man, a man for others. He was now a damn good person, solidified by like 8 photos with a shovel and maybe even a blog piece later. Knowing all the shitty stuff he’s done doesn’t matter anymore, Kyle laid his head down than night with the satisfaction of definitely being better than at least 60% of other people.

Kyle would remember this day for the rest of 2 years, and most people around him would be forced to remember it too. And this is the Hunger Clean-Up story of Kyle Fullerton, basically Jesus.

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