Marquette diversity and inclusion efforts bring two emo kids to campus

The Presidential Task Force is proud to report the progress made in increasing diversity and inclusion on campus. These efforts have resulted in more supportive and inclusive community, that has embraced two emo kids, a true achievement for the task force.

“It is our call to embrace people of all races, creeds, religions, and personal expression, scene, punk or otherwise” states provost Daniel Meyers, sporting a choker and doc martens in support, “what’s most important is recognizing that this isn’t just a phase."

In the latest campus climate study the need became obvious to become more inclusive of alternative students, who feel marginalized in the ocean of J. Crew and Lily Pulitzer surrounding them. Springtime can be especially hard for the emo community who during this time face constant questioning about their wardrobe choices. “People don’t understand that fingerless gloves aren’t for warmth, and pastels burn our skin”, says one student.

Resident emo kid, Skyyler, describes his experience being emo at Marquette, “There is a lot of ignorance and misrepresentation surrounding the emo community, we’re stigmatized as goth or worse, associated with anime.” In response to these concerns, the university has put up educational signs distinguishing between ego, goth, scene, alt, punk and ska.

“Even small steps help” says Dennis McConnell, student at large on the task force, “we’re playing more Avril Lavigne in the Brew, we’re training Bob’s Barbershop in asymmetrical hair cuts. We have a long way to go, but progress is being made.”

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