Marquette introduces new state-of-the-art paperless printers

MILWAUKEE - Students at Marquette University rejoiced Monday morning when the university introduced the latest technological addition to its campus: paperless printers.

"We are all about innovation here at Marquette, so we thought it was time we took PrintWise into future," IT specialist Keegan Kratz said. "Printing is one of the leading causes of paper use in this day and age, so going paperless seemed like the obvious choice."

The touchscreen interface makes using the new printers easier than ever before. Students swipe their IDs and select their desired documents, and the "Refill Paper" message appears instantly.

"Just this morning, I've been to Raynor, Cudahay, and the AMU and all the printers gave me the same message," sophomore Katie Gabriel said ten minutes after her class had started. "All I wanted was to print my essay. It was [great]!"

The new printers are the first in a series of technological initiatives designed to help Marquette operate more efficiently according to Kratz.

"The paperless printer will save the university so much," Kratz said. "We are already working on taking the internet out of MU_Wireless."

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