Former Marquette student still looking to vote for MUSG President

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Former Marquette student Stan Fulker continues his unhindered attempt to submit an absentee ballot for the presidency of Marquette University Student Government. Searching left and right for an opportunity to contribute to the democratic process, all of his efforts have been brutally struck down like a Marquette fan during March Madness.

“If me, the former beatboxer for an unnamed coed a cappella group cannot vote in arguably the most important vote for the presidency of anything this year, then I will undoubtedly feel marginalized” Fulker said. “Sure, I don’t currently attend Marquette University, nor am I affiliated in any way shape or form with Marquette anymore, but hey, it’s 2017, the day of progress, right?”

Still clinging on to the days of unlimited meals in McCormick Hall and sold-out basketball games, Fulker is undoubtedly in denial of his new setting. Now attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he still finds himself taking the Gold Line over to Marquette multiple times a week to make any decent attempt to relive his so-called “glory days.”

“Would I be biased in my vote? Absolutely not, as I’m friends with both Ben and Adam; however, if one gave me the opportunity to make my silenced voice heard, the decision would be made significantly easier” Fulker said.

Will Marquette University allow the former undergrad to vote? No one really knows, but, well, because of new laws, the answer is undoubtedly no. Good luck, Stan.

Cast your vote for MUSG President today at

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