COLUMN: Vote Jill Stein for MUSG President

We’re in the midst of a historically depressing presidential election. Polls and popular sentiment prove what we already knew; that both incumbent Adam Kouhel and challenger Ben Dombrowski are out of touch with blue-collar, rural voters in Mashuda. Neither one can deliver the change that Marquette so desperately needs. But there is a solution.

Jill Stein.

If you’re upset with both major candidates, then Stein is the option for you. Stein’s presence ensures that when people ask you about the MUSG election, you’ll be able to say, “politicians, man, they’re all the same” with a superior scoff. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for not reading a campaign platform.

After all, who is Jill Stein? What does she believe? How will she govern? Why would a 66-year-old physician who lives in Massachusetts be a good choice to lead Marquette’s student body? These are tough questions. Fortunately, you don’t have to care about the answers. Just write “JILL STEIN, MO-FOS” in bubble letters across your ballot and watch the establishment crumble away to nothingness.

Because that’s exactly what Dombrowski and Kouhel represent: the establishment. The AMU insiders. In the past several weeks, reports have emerged that both of them have spent nearly THREE YEARS at Marquette. Both candidates have also spent time in MUSG; Adam is the current student body president while Ben is the MUSG communications VP. Sounds like a couple of elitists to me.

The constant theme with both candidates has been a startling lack of transparency. Kouhel refuses to make transcripts of every time he’s ever raised his hand in class available to the public. Dombrowski has repeatedly declined to give out his email password even though I keep asking him for it. Why keep either one a secret unless there’s something to hide?

That’s why Jill Stein is the only candidate with enough integrity to lead Marquette forward. It is an outrage that she is being locked out of the discussion. As of this column’s publication, she has still not been invited to any debates or hot cookie nights. The movement will not stop, though. I know Jill Stein. She will chain herself to the McCormick dining hall door until people notice her and/or give her five dollars. This is what true leadership looks like.

So on March 30, raise a middle finger to politics as usual and common sense. Throw your vote awa- I mean, vote Jill Stein for MUSG president.

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