Marquette student $20,000 in debt after clicking wrong button on Checkmarq

Tuesday morning, junior Henrietta Liu prepared for her advising appointment by searching through available classes to take next semester. When searching the class times for PHIL 2310, she was suddenly redirected to a page giving her the message, “Congratulations! A $20,000 charge has been added to your account. A hold has been placed on your e -mail and D2L accounts as well as your internet and utilities until all payments have been made.” “I don’t know what happened,” a shaking Liu choked through tears. “I just wanted a reasonable time for a required class.” Upon further research, the Golden Seagull determined this charge is classified as a service fee and provides “essential funding for required maintenance in the 707 Building.” When asked for comment, a representative for the Bursar office said, “tread lightly.” Come last night, Liu’s swipe access had been revoked for her residence in Campus Town West as well as all academic buildings. As of that evening, the charge has increased to $24,369. Tread lightly.

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