MUSG Candidate Ben Dombrowski reportedly used private email server to send dank memes

WASHINGTON - The FBI announced Wednesday morning that it will begin an investigation on MUSG presidential candidate Ben Dombrowski’s alleged use of a private email server to send dank memes. The stunning and unexpected move comes more than a week before the presidential election.

“The bureau has learned of the existence of new memes that appear to be pertinent to the investigation" said FBI director James Comely in a statement. “The FBI does not disclose information about pending investigations, unless the people involved are running for president. It’s a weird rule.

Dombrowski, while serving as MUSG Communications VP, allegedly logged into an old account — —  and used it to send running mate Allie Bitz a meme of actress Meryl Streep.

Dombrowski and Bitz's campaign is preparing for major backlash with #LockHimUp trending on Twitter. Despite the negative press, students seem to be responding positively to the news.

“I’m never going to give up on a candidate that relatable,” said sophomore dance major Brick Astley.

“I haven’t seen any viral content from opposing candidates,” said freshman Anne Phibean as she sipped tea at the Brew Bayou. “But that’s none of my business.

Political Science major Frank Allen said this could be the most critical development of the entire election. “One does not simply appeal to voters with memes and lose.

"I just hope this isn't some dumb publicity stunt," junior Katie Rayngold said. "I hate it when websites put memes in their articles and videos to try to appeal to young people."

Dombrowksi and Bitz will face questions about the controversy and more at the debate this Sunday. Dombrowski will also need to address rumors that he is the man in the “Blinking Guy” meme

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