Valley Fields dome just a prototype for physical Marquette bubble

MILWAUKEE - With the inception of the new dome over Valley Fields during Winter Break, it was revealed that the dome was actually intended as a prototype for a physical embodiment of the Marquette Bubble.

While students and faculty have been discussing the theoretical bubble for years, President Lovell announced plans to construct a physical dome over Marquette’s campus. “Talking about the Marquette bubble is an honored tradition at our university," Lovell said in a press conference Friday morning. "Our priority is bringing this tradition into reality.”

What appeared to be an innocent project to create more athletic space during the winter months has turned into a much larger undertaking. The newly born initiative originated out of the desire for students to not interact with anyone outside of campus. The school insists this does not conflict with its Jesuit values. "We actively encourage our students to step outside of the consistently 75 degree enclosure for service opportunities," President Lovell continued. "Provided that the swipe their Marquette card, enter a 10 digit code and pass a fingerprint test that will allow them back in.”

The bus stops along Wisconsin Avenue are the number one source of interactions with the outside world for Marquette students. President Lovell did not acknowledge the issue during the press conference, but sources confirmed that the university has been working with the city to allow buses to drive on top of the bubble.

Possible additions to the dome include a grocery store and a controlled supply of seagulls to increase the authentic Milwaukee experience.

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