Construction halted on Wild dorm, Freshman to live in pit

MILWAUKEE - Construction has halted on the new Wild dorm. The new residence hall, named and shaped in honor of Father Wild, began construction this summer in the lot behind O’Donnell.

Currently, where the expanse of green field used to be, sits an enormous pit. On Friday, the construction crew hung up their hard hats and made the decision to stop right there.

“I gave it a second thought and in the interest of campus and humanity at large, halting construction is really our only option," project manager Rick Jarvis stated. "I thought about all the annoying captions the freshman residents will inevitably write on photos. ‘Another WILD night!’ ‘It’s the wild WILD west out here’ and ‘when gang finna WILing on hella fleek’… Stopping construction is just a preventative measure.”

Incoming freshman will still move into the pit in the Fall. Administration has suggested to the Wild Pit RA staff to utilize Andy Dwyer floor themes, including sing-alongs, to help boost morale.

“I think living in a pit will build character,” Resident Director Stanley Flats said. "It’ll also make it more difficult for freshman to participate in the Kilbourn crawl. Ever try to claw out of a hole while completely sloshed? I lived through the 70s, and let me tell you from personal experience, it ain’t no cakewalk.”

We talked to a recent high school graduate fresh off a campus tour. He is enthusiastic to sign up to live in The Wild Pit, stating it’s “still better living conditions that McCormick.”

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