Student prepares to photograph Joan of Arc chapel as springtime approaches

Earlier this week, freshman Jenna Stelmach was seen in front of the Joan of Arc chapel steps holding her brand new iPhone 7 in one hand and a notepad in the other. “I’m so excited for my first spring at Marquette,” Stelmach said. “I know some people are going to take pictures of the flowers on Wisconsin Avenue with some of the buildings in the background, but I want to be the very first person to take a picture of the chapel.” Eyewitness reports say that she comes by the chapel everyday to practice taking pictures of when the flowers first blossom while taking notes on the various camera angles and lighting techniques. “I don’t have enough money in my bank account to get a nice camera,” Stelmach laughed as she snapped another photo. “But I heard that the iPhone 7’s camera takes amazing pictures so I had my mom order it for me. Broke college student problems, am I right?” Stelmach plans to use the “Valencia” filter over the final photo when she posts it on Instagram, and the caption will either be “My campus in the spring >>> yours” or just a stream of various floral emojis. Her goal is to capture both a one-of-a-kind photo and the attention of whoever runs Marquette’s Instagram account. Like many aspiring student photographers, she hopes to one day be asked if they can re-post her picture onto their page. “I really hope her picture makes it onto Marquette’s Instagram,” said one of Stelmach’s friends. “You know you’ve made it when your picture gets featured on their page.”

Although the recent weather has taken its course of ups and downs, Stelmach continues to brave the recurring cold with the strength of her determination and her Canada Goose touchscreen-enabled gloves. “My only concern is that the flowers might die before the spring comes,” said Stelmach. “Worst case scenario, I’ll just have someone take a picture of me standing in front of the chapel instead. Those pictures tend to get more likes anyways.” In the meantime, Stelmach is currently looking for students to teach the art of photographing the renowned chapel to in case she has to be in the picture. She intends to reward the replacement photographer with honorary “photo credits” on her Instagram post and a copy of the notes in her notepad.

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