Prospective student posts in Facebook group that she likes to have fun, but is also serious about sc

High school senior and potential Marquette Class of 2021 member Emilia Johnson introduced herself to the class Facebook group last night. In the post, she described herself as someone who enjoys both the social and academic aspects of college.

“I like to have fun, but I’m serious about my studies,” Johnson said.

Johnson, a native of Park Ridge, Illinois, mentioned wanting to find a roommate in her post, in which case she may be in luck. An analysis conducted on the last three years of posts in incoming Marquette student groups finds that 98.4 percent of high school seniors also like to have fun, but take studying very seriously.

“I mean, you’d kind of be an idiot to say anything else when we can see everything in the group,” admissions counselor Justin Simmons pointed out. “Even the guy holding a red solo cup in his profile picture should pretend that he’s really interested in his comm studies major for at least a few seconds.”

The shared love of both fun and study is not the only thing that Johnson has in common with her fellow freshman. She also reports liking Netflix and enjoying the general concept of music. Both of those things have been mentioned in over 90 percent of postings.

In addition to looking for a roommate, Johnson also said she is looking for a “workout buddy.” Multiple sources tell the Seagull that Johnson played sports in high school and wants to remain active.

“Oh no doubt; if you room with her, she may ask you to run on the treadmill together or even sign up for an intramural sports team,” a close friend of Emilia’s told the Seagull. “That’s part of what makes her so different from everybody else.”

The post is now up to 15 likes as of last night. More importantly, Johnson has been drawing interest from Waukesha North senior Carol Betterson, who sent a message inquiring about whether they should room together. Betterson also likes fun, school, Netflix, music and working out, but is also looking at five other people who share these interests. Still, Johnson says she’s hopeful that it will all work out.

“You know what they say; there’s no such thing as a typical college student.”

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