Marquette sophomore wins activism award for calling Trump a “cheeto” on Twitter

MILWAUKEE – On Tuesday, sophomore student Analisa Guardiola was awarded the Mario Savio Memorial Lecture Fund’s Young Activist Award after publishing a tweet in which she called newly elected President Trump “a cheeto”. The full version of the tweet can be seen below:

Her brave words resonated with the activist community in a major way and received support from many prominent names such as Mark Ruffalo, the voice actor for Cookie Monster, and countless Odyssey online writers. This recognition led her to be nominated for the Young Activist award by political figure Ralph Nader, and after the committee reviewed her body of work she was clearly the right choice for the prestigious award. For those unfamiliar with this honor, it is given to “a young person with a deep commitment to human rights and social justice and a proven ability to transform this commitment into effective action.”

These words are a fitting biography for Marquette’s own Guardiola, who we were able to hunt down for comment. “Honestly, it came to me in an epiphany. I was so outraged by the immigration ban that I knew I had to act and stand up for what I believe in.” Guardiola said. And what better way to really make a difference than to tweet a sarcastic jab at our Commander in Chief. Our own reporters were also able to track down her roommate, Emma Siroikman, who said, “Clearly Analisa has taken it upon herself to really be the difference. I am just so proud to know someone with such astute insights and real, positive solutions to the political crises at hand”, said Siroikman. Guardiola won the award by narrowly edging out fellow nominee Jason Peters, who spent hundreds of hours assisting minorities with voter registration and transportation to the polls during voting season, as well as helping non-english speakers call their congressperson to have their opinions be heard. “I mean, I think that I am a great guy and all, but Analisa is really doing God’s work and I am proud to have conceded this award to her”, said Peters. Sources have confirmed that the 6,000 dollar cash prize given to Guardiola was used exclusively to purchase an obscene amount of Cheetos which she threw over the White House fence in protest. Update: President Trump has responded to Guardiola’s tweet with one of his own. Read here:

Trump Responds to Analisa Guardiola

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