Profound Student Live Tweets Marquette Basketball Game

Plato had The Republic, Descartes had his Discourse on the Method, and Kant had his Critique of Pure Reason. But in 2017, humanity gets to witness the 21st century’s masterpiece, the Twitter of Sean Reed, better known by his pen name of @SeanR345.

Reports show that Reed spends ample amounts of time compiling stats, trends and fun facts for each upcoming Marquette Basketball game. He then posts them with other in game updates.

“I don’t let the fact that I have no journalism experience get in my way,” Reed says. “I know that people appreciate my dozens of tweets during Marquette games, whether they say so or not.”

Reed first began his ritual freshman year during a home game against Georgetown, when he tweeted “We have to put the ball in the net, and stop them from doing so if we want to win #mubb #GeorgeFROWN.”

“I saw that it got two likes, which was the moment I realized, ‘Wow, everyone really cares about what I have to say. I’m going to make it a point to tweet 60, sometimes even 70 times per game!’”

Despite no one in particular encouraging him to do so, he’s remained consistent in his habit, and his peers in the Marquette community are starting to take notice.

“He’s been doing this for years,” junior Bailey Johnson said, “at this point I confuse him with all the other schmucks on Twitter who live-tweet games and think they’re ESPN College Basketball analysts as well. “

“Every time I see one of his tweets, I die a little on the inside, knowing my timeline is ruined for the next several hours,” said senior Zach Johnson, longtime friend. “I just don’t want to unfollow him because that means clicking on his profile and seeing even more of his tweets.”

Reed’s best skillset is tweeting suggestions about the game that are brutally apparent. Take for instance what the 21st Century Socrates wrote during the Creighton game in January: “Haanif Cheatham already has four turnovers, Wojo, seriously needs to pull him.”

“I make sure I read his tweets before every game,” said Marquette head basketball coach Steve Wojciehowski. “Without his suggestions, I would never know who to put in or take out of games.”

What’s most notable is how quickly the tone of Reed’s tweets change during games, depending on whether or not the game is going favorably for Marquette. During the Villanova game for example, this Modern day John Stuart Mill wrote “#FireWojo,” and “Tournament team!!! #mubb” tweets, separated only by a matter of minutes.

“I’ve done the math, I average about a third of a like per tweet, pretty good all things considered, and that’s what keeps me going,” Reed said.

At press time, Reed revealed his other hobbies, which include bringing up the fact that he participates in cross-fit in everyday conversation, as well as quoting tweets instead of retweeting, so he gets all the favorites, and not the original author.

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