RA not even trying with this semester's theme

It's back to school at Marquette University. While some students are ready to hit the ground running, some residents of Straz Tower have noticed that their RA is not even trying with the new semester's floor theme.

"I love seeing the different themes my RAs decorate the floors with each semester," sophomore Henry Clark said. "But I didn't get the same feeling of excitement when I moved in yesterday and saw that the hallway theme was statistics."

The students were welcomed back to campus with wall-to-wall statistics problems, equations, and formulas. RA Donald Ross gave each student their own unique math question on their door and longer word problems for the students in quads.

"It is different, I'll give him that," Clark said. "But I've just seen so many more fun and creative themes, like Pokémon, NBA Players, and 90s ska bands."

RA Ross was not available for comments at press time, but the Golden Seagull reached out to Sam Scheel, Marquette's only Data Science major, for an mathematical perspective on the issue.

"Ian, stop it. I don't want to be in a Golden Seagull article," Scheel said.

Experts are speculating that this could be RA Ross getting back at his residents for giving him mediocre evaluations last semester, but others believe that Ross just couldn't be bothered to make better decorations. It is still unclear what will happen if the students solve the stats problems on their doors.

"Some of these decorations are just his homework from last semester taped to the wall," Clark said. "He did alright."

Photos by Ian Schrank and Anna Reistad (but mostly Ian)

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