Student gets revenge on professor with passive-aggressive evaluation

Teachers might want to be careful when asking for honest feedback, because they just might get it. Senior Angela Trippett recently told close friends about her plan to write exclusively passive-aggressive course evaluations in order to “get even” with professors that assigned her homework this semester. “They’re gonna get in, like, so much trouble,” Trippett said. “I just don’t think that my teachers took into account my state of mind this year, which should be their first priority at all times.” Data obtained from advance copies of Trippett’s evaluations shows that the word “disappointed” showed up a combined 15 times. The word “please” appeared 12 times, eight of which were in all-caps. Altogether, the comments from six course evaluations equaled 1,200 words, or roughly the length of a five-page paper. “I wanted to make sure to write a lot so the department heads know exactly what they need to correct with each one,” Trippett said. Chad Jesnarik, an adjunct Public Relations professor, says that he receives several passive-aggressive evaluations every year. To him, they are “hilarious.” “Every time it happens, I call my wife and we have a good laugh about it,” Jesnarik said. “Then I print it out and go read it to all my colleagues and we just lose our shit.” “Seriously, I have an actual job at a PR firm and have taught here for over a decade. But sure, they’re gonna fire me because I made a 19 year-old actually do work.” As of 10 pm Sunday night, Trippett was carefully combing through her finished evaluation essays for spelling errors. After that, the only thing left to do is change the font to comic sans and paste it into the text box.

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