Mark Zuckerberg targets "fake new site" Golden Seagull for influencing the election

Real photo of Mark Zuckerberg calling out Golden Seagull reporters during press conference. (AP Photo/David Fincher)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire in the last month after dismissing claims that fake news websites may have influenced the 2016 Presidential Election. After changing his stance and taking measures to crack down on fake news being shared on Facebook, Zuckerberg has personally called out and targeted the Golden Seagull.

"There were all kinds of outlandish headlines going around like 'Pope endorses Donald Trump' and 'Clinton frees child rapist' and many people believed them," Zuckerberg said. "We at Facebook take the issue of fake news very seriously, and no website is a bigger offender than the Golden Seagull."

This is not the first time the Seagull has been accused of false reporting. Back in 2016, a student sued the website after he tried one of Clarence's beer-sneaking strategies and got caught by MUPD. The Seagull obviously won the case, because the student did not buy enough mini fridges.

"I have no doubt in my mind that the Golden Seagull's reporting helped elect Donald Trump as president," Zuckerberg explained. "Their reporting is almost as bad as that of the Marquette Wire, but who even reads that?"

Despite Mr. Zuckerberg's attacks, the Seagull's writing staff defends its content.

"These claims are ridiculous. Nothing we report on is fake," said a Golden Seagull editor who would like to remain anonymous and is not me. "When we reported on President Lovell dropping out of the Rio Olympics, Lovell himself retweeted us. Clearly he is proud of the hard work and thorough reporting his students are doing, or maybe it's because he looked good in the photo" (He did look good).

The Golden Seagull will follow this story as it develops. In case we do get removed from Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter to always stay informed.

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