Shoppers line up in front of Zilber Hall for Black Friday deals

MILWAUKEE - Stretching from 13th St. to 12th St. and wrapping around the building, the line at Zilber Hall Friday morning was the was the longest it has ever been in recent history. Parents and students alike waited patiently for the Office of the Bursar to open for its Black Friday deals.

"Of course I plan on being there the minute it opens," Marquette mom Jane McCarthy said. "This is the only time of the year when you can get deals like 40% off tuition!"

The "Bursar Door-Buster" deals include large discounts on college tuition, student loans, meal plans, and even room and board. This yeah, the first ten customers in the door can get a Buy One Get One free deal on residence hall rooms.

"My buddy got the deal last year, so now he has two rooms in Schroeder all to himself,' Sophomore Anthony Benson said. "It was insane."

Any seasoned Black Friday shopper will tell you that in order to get the best deals, you need to get the Zilber Hall coupon book from the latest issue of the Marquette Tribune.

"Honestly, Zilber Hall is the place to be on Black Friday," McCarthy said. "We have had incredible savings on school expenses every year. I feel bad for anyone who isn't on campus this week. They are certainly missing out."

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