Student organization plants flags in quad to make statement about their “thing”

In order to raise awareness regarding Starbucks changing their seasonal cup’s colors from red to green, the Marquette Starbucks Club (MSC) aimed to make a statement by planting colored flags in the quad’s greenspace. “Outrage doesn’t even begin to describe our reaction when we heard this grim news,” MSC Club President Jordan Starke said. “People need to know we will not stand idly by as Starbucks changes the colors of their seasonal cups.” The MSC certainly isn’t the first organization to draw attention by planting flags in the ground. Countless other groups have made strong statements using the same method as well. “Instead of taking any real action that actually makes a difference, we figured, shoot, let’s just get a bunch of those little flags and plant them in the ground instead,” Starke said.

Members of the MSC have been happy with the attention their flags are getting, but other students do not seem to find the movement all that effective. “I see the flags everyday when I go to class, so they certainly did a good job catching my attention,” said Junior Angela Stephens. "But there's no sign or explanation for them, so I really have no idea what they are protesting or if I should be offended by it. I might go ahead and be offended just to be safe." Despite a flurry of recent social statements by various clubs on campus, executive board members of the MSC are certain their organization’s actions will stand out from the rest. “We feel we’re differentiating ourselves by doing the exact same thing numerous other groups have done,” Starke said. Besides flag planting, the MSC also recently held a bake sale fundraiser for a club outing. The club raised over $250, just enough to purchase five beverages from Starbucks. At press time, three other campus clubs released future plans to plant flags in the quad of Marquette’s campus as well.

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